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A VoIP phone, also known as a Voice over Internet Protocol phone, is a communication device that uses VoIP technology to make and receive phone calls over an internet connection. Unlike traditional landline phones that rely on copper wires, VoIP phones transmit voice data as digital packets over the Internet.


With a VoIP business phone from TTECH, you can eliminate the need for costly calls and expensive contracts associated with traditional phone services. Our VoIP phone service utilizes your wired or wireless broadband internet connection to provide reliable and cost-effective telephone service.


Key features of TTECH's VoIP phone service include:


  • Geographic or Non-Geographic Numbers: We offer the flexibility to choose between geographic or non-geographic numbers for your business phone service. Additionally, if you prefer to keep your existing geographic telephone number, we can accommodate that as well.
  • Reliable Internet Connection: To utilize our VoIP phone service, all you need is a stable and reliable Internet connection. This connection serves as the backbone for transmitting voice data and ensures clear and uninterrupted communication.
  • VoIP Phones and Gateways: Depending on your specific requirements, TTECH can provide VoIP phones or VoIP gateways. VoIP phones are specialized devices designed specifically for VoIP communication, while VoIP gateways allow you to connect traditional analogue phones to your VoIP network.


By leveraging VoIP technology, TTECH enables businesses to stay connected with a streamlined and cost-effective communication solution. Whether you opt for a VoIP handset or use your smartphone with our VoIP service, you can enjoy the benefits of reliable and efficient communication.


Make the switch to TTECH's VoIP phone service and experience the convenience, cost savings, and flexibility of internet-based telephony. Say goodbye to costly calls and contracts, and say hello to a more modern and efficient way of communication.


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